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Helping investors earn steady passive income through residential real estate

Real estate is one of the biggest markets in the world! But it's not easy to get started. So we make it simple. With our investment funds, almost anyone can invest in residential real estate and earn steady passive returns on your investment. 
We offer a low-risk investment opportunity that lets you build generational wealth through residential real estate projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fill the housing shortage by building residential real estate through an innovative process and help our investors build passive and secure wealth.

What we do

We help investors make passive income through new residential properties.


Property investment made easy

Blue Crown Capital is on a mission to help people invest in residential new construction properties. We provide a range of premium property investment opportunities with a minimum time commitment of 12 months. This means you can start building your investment portfolio today with very little risk!


Simplified passive income

The sales income generated from our properties is passive, meaning you don't have to do any of the work. The time and headache you are saving means more time for family, friends, and anything else you love doing. Invest with us and live the good life!


Security matters

You're not just investing your money when you invest with us - you're investing yourself. We take every care possible to ensure that your investments are safe and secure so that we can help you grow your wealth through real estate for years to come.

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